Mastering your stress, anxiety and mood as we emerge from lockdown

Doctor turned hypnotist Aaron Calvert of Prescription Hypnosis is on a mission to help you distress and relax in these strange times.

As a nation we are all feeling the effects of lockdown and COVID with more of us feeling stressed and anxious than ever before. It’s so important, not only for our long term health, but for our immediate health as we look to readjust to a new normality over the coming weeks and months.

The uncertain future is leaving many of us fearful and anxious, we can’t work in the same way or do the things we enjoy leading to increased stress and low mood, but with some simple changes to our mindset we can reset and improve our mental health.

Aaron will teach us to cope with change, understand our stress and master our anxieties using practical techniques from his career through medicine and hypnotherapy. The session will also include an optional relaxation session live to help you on the journey to a more positive state of mind.


Wednesday 30th September 10.30am – 12noon

Join Zoom Meeting here ZOOM or join on your app Meeting ID: 848 3787 5037 Passcode: 650679