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As we enter into a new phase of COVID-19 it’s so important as employers that we are supporting our employees in their return to work. We need to help our staff destress, manage anxiety and get on top of their mental health in preparation for the return to work in the changed working landscape.

Mental health can sometimes be the bottom of the priority list and especially now as we focus on the financial security of our business. Aside from the true cost of poor mental health management being upwards of £35 billion for the UK and the obvious impact it has on individuals, early invention and support for employees  will vastly improve their return to productivity and ultimately your business’ ability to bounce back.

Now more than ever we should be striving towards a positive work culture and a happy workplace. This means looking after our employees’ mental and emotional needs. In the first instance this includes teaching them techniques and giving them access to the right support to manage their mental health and secondly training managers to disseminate and encourage a positive mental attitude. This shift in mindset can have a real impact.

Putting it into perspective happy workplaces are found to be more productive generating up to 3 x more revenue, improves company loyalty and decreases employee turnover. Benefits we could all do with right now.

So, we’re on a mission to help employers like you better support your employees before, during and after their return to work and create a happy workplace.


of people say work is their biggest cause of stress


more revenue from a happy workplace

billion can be saved each year for businesses by looking after mental health


Helping you better support your workforce, employees and colleagues by understanding mental health. Educating staff to look after their own mental well being and training managers to adopt a positive office culture.


Support your staff whilst they are working from home or on furlough is one of the best things you can do in preparation for the return to work. Helping them now will make the transition much easier.


The next step. Help your staff with the important next transition in their return to the office or working from home. Adjusting mentally to the altered workplace will be challenging and changing routines will be draining.

Join us on our mission to support employees effectively in their return to work.


It’s safe to say that our mental health has taken a beating over the past few months. In fact a survey at the start of June showed that over 50% of us feel lockdown had had a massive impact on us and we were more worried about our mental health than our physical health. And those numbers are rising.

For the first time more of us are aware of just how important it is to take care of our minds and businesses need to pay attention to this shift in people’s thinking and implement it into the workplace.

I’ve long been an advocate for a positive work culture and a happy workplace, there are so many obvious benefits to the positive mindset, as a doctor and hypnotist I’m well aware of the power of the mind and unique qualified to offer support, advice and training.

Work is THE BIGGEST cause of stress for 40% of us, and that stat is bound rise in the post COVID-19 word. Teaching employees to deal with stress, educating them on all aspects of mental health and giving them a toolbox of resources to stay on the top of their game in a preventative over curative approach is imperative for the longevity of your workforce. 

Change is one of the biggest contributors to stress. The switch to working from home or being furloughed has stressed workforces, returning to work will have a n equally massive impact too and you need to plan how you are going to help staff. Prescription Hypnosis can help and support your workforce in a number of ways, but here’s the 3 things you need to be doing to support your staff and minimise the impact change will have on their mental health.


1. Communicate

Communication within a business is key to its success and that’s no different now. In working with companies and their employees recently the most common cause of anxiety is the fear of the unknown. As business owners or managers we are on the frontline of preparing the return to work, how the office will look and function and also how the business is doing in general.

As a result we are well informed and therefore less anxious. We need to be actively communicating with our employees the changes we are making within the business for their safe return. And that clarity of communication needs to continue after the return to being clear about things like office procedures, targets, etc. Communicating avenues of support for employees is also important.

2. Support

A simple question for you, what are you doing to support staff in their return to work?

Not just in terms of making the workplace COVID-19 compliant, I mean for your team’s mental health. We are all suffering the negative effects of isolation and lockdown and the pressure that has put on our mental health. With staff on furlough, working from home for the foreseeable or migrating back to a new office environment if support for your employees hasn’t started already it needs to start now.

When it comes to mental health a preventative over curative approach is so important, by helping staff manage their stress, anxiety and mental health now it will help them significantly in the return to work.

3. Community

Now more than ever it’s important to bring your teams together. With working from home becoming the new norm for the foreseeable future for many companies it’s important to set up regular meetings to avoid feelings of loneliness or isolation within the team.

And it’s important to find new ways for our teams and employees to bond and interact when we return to the office as there will still be that initially awkward socially distant interaction. Now is the time to come together.

What support do you have in the workpalce?

Prescription Hypnosis can support your staff before, during and after their return to work.


Weekly training sessions delivered online covering sector specific areas of development and concern including mental health, stress, anxiety, diet, rumination, work-life balance and working from home with an aim to develop a more robust and positive minded workforce.


From education to training to guided relaxation / mindfulness sessions, a host of resources accessible to all employees whether they need to learn something new or refresh a topic. Instant access means they have access to what they need when they need it facilitating further personal development.


Having the tools for good mental health practice is great. Having managers that are able to promote positive mental health and take a lead are even more valuable. Including mental first-aid training, understanding common mental health problems, how to spot them, mindfulness training and more.

“It’s important to look after employees in their time of need, but there’s much more to be said about a preventative over curative strategy with mental health. It’s about creating a positive mindset and offering holistic support for your entire team. Digital delivery strategies are making it increasingly easy to ensure employees have access to the support they need when they need it.”

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IT's time to beat stress

Free resources to help your staff master their stress and anxiety whilst working from home

With lockdown continuing it’s fair to say as a nation we are all feeling the effects but fear not as Aaron is on a mission to help you to destress and relax.

7 days to conquer stress in isolation. Each day Aaron will be releasing a new video to help you better understand stress and anxiety and teach you practical techniques to help you relax. It all starts with Day One.

hypnotist and hypnotherapist Aaron Calvert looking at mental health business support during covid-19 coronavirus


Doctor turned hypnotist Aaron Calvert specialises in extraordinary feats of hypnotism. Aaron swapped a full-time career in medicine for life as a hypnotist back in 2015, since then he has had his own Channel 4 TV special hypnotising a couple to completely forget one another and has worked with a UK airline hypnotising first time flyers at 30,000 feet. Aaron constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

Originally hailing from Manchester, Aaron qualified at the University of Nottingham with a Bachelor Medicine and Bachelor Surgery, accompanied by a Bachelor of Medical Sciences with honours, a certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy and multiple publications on infection prevention and control. With specialisms in CBT, psychiatry, psychology and hypnosis his unique qualifications have opened doors to working with companies, individuals and on national campaigns to promote health and wellbeing.

Most recently Aaron produced a national stop smoking campaign with the news network Vice creating a series of videos to help smokers give up cigarettes for good at the start of 2020.

Combining a real world approach with practical techniques and hypno-therapeutic methods, Aaron brings an incredibly affective approach to mindfulness and mental wellbeing.


Please complete the form below and Aaron will be in touch asap to discuss your specific needs. Please provide as much information as possible so that Aaron can accurately study your request. 


Please complete the form below and Aaron will be in touch asap to discuss your specific needs. Please provide as much information as possible so that Aaron can accurately study your request.